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At our centre we primarily care for and rehome rabbits, guinea pigs & rodents (Gerbils, hamsters & mice) we also run a veterinary clinic on a Tuesday for people in the local area who receive benefits, as a subsidised clinic we offer treatment at a much lower price than many private vets, if you live in the Medway towns and would like more information regarding registering for our clinic please click on the following link

Costs of running our centre

As a separately registered branch of the RSPCA we are responsible for raising our own funds, as im sure you can appreciate this is a thankless task as we incur certain costs which are essential to the health of the animals at our centre.


Helps treat a guinea pig for a course of mite treatment.


Is the cost for us to give vital vaccinations to the rabbits in our care.


Is the cost of neutering a rabbit, with the combined cost of vaccinating this amounts to £150 per rabbit! as our rehoming fee is only £45 per rabbit you can see that funds are needed.

Looking at the costs above you can see why your support is so vital to our branch and any support you can offer is very much appreciated, please take a look at the different ways you can support us.

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Donate or create a fundraiser

Donate or create a fundraiser via our just giving page, all donations are used to provide quality care for the animals at our centre.

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Hold an event or sponsored activity

you could hold an event such as a cake stall or hold a sponsored activity such as a walk, run, skydive or a bungee jump.........
if you would like to hold an event for us please get in touch either by telephone on 01634 681187 or email at

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