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Guinea Pigs

If you see an animal you are interested in adopting, please download an Adoption Application Form by clicking the button above.

You can either complete using a computer or you can print out the form to fill in.

Once completed please email the form or a picture of the completed form to

All viewings are by appointment only.

Please contact the centre during opening times

Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10am – 12noon

Tuesday & Thursday 9am – 2pm

01634 681187

We ask for a minimum donation of £20 per guinea pig,

if you could give more it would be appreciated.

Things to consider before adopting a guinea pig

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Carriers sometimes available to purchase

(Click Here)

Name:- Gizmo & Domino

Sex:- Female x2

Neutered: No x2

Age:- 2021 x2

Breed:- Mixed & Abyssinian

Colour:- Tri & White/Black

History:- Change in owners circumstances

Temperament:- Friendly x2

Suitable Home:- Must stay together

Date Admitted:- 24/6/23 x2

Things to consider before adopting a Guinea Pig.

Guinea pigs are friendly and easily tamed, but they need commitment and regular attention. Long-haired guinea pigs can be especially difficult to look after. Guinea Pigs can be very skittish and very fast, so should have regular handling. Guinea pigs should have a supply of fresh vegetables on a daily basis and occasionally some fruit as a treat. An average age of a guinea pig is 6-8 years.

What guinea pigs need. Can you provide the following?

•Companionship - To be with other guinea pigs, most guinea pigs live happily in pairs or small groups although occasionally a guinea pig will prefer to be on its own. The widespread practice of keeping guinea pigs and rabbits together is not recommended.

•Feeding a balanced diet, with daily vegetables and hay.

•A constant supply of fresh, clean drinking water in a drip feed bottle with a metal spout.

•A large weatherproof home kept off the ground, out of direct sunlight and strong winds.

•A clean layer of wood shavings on the floor of their home and plenty of soft hay or straw for bedding and burrowing.

•Daily exercise.

•Their home to be cleaned every day and bedding changed weekly.

•A gnawing block to wear down long teeth.

•To be brushed every day if they have a long or rough-haired coat.

•Some quiet time alone or with other guinea pigs every day.

•To be taken to a vet if they are ill or injured.

•To be looked after when you are on holiday.

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