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Thinking of adopting a rabbit?

Rabbits can be playful, friendly and loving animals if treated right. Many rabbits come into rescue centres due to not being handled or treated properly, so some can be temperamental. Rabbits can be housed both indoors and outdoors. When housed outdoors rabbits will need a large hutch and an exercise area. Rabbits need plenty of exercise and toys to play with to keep them from getting bored. The cage/hutch must be cleaned regularly to prevent diseases. Like cats and dogs, rabbits also need vaccinating every year against diseases such as myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease. The average life span of a rabbit is 6-10 years. 

Before adopting please make sure you can provide the following.

  • Companionship - To ideally be with other rabbits or humans. The widespread practice of keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together is not recommended.

  • A balanced diet and a good quantity of hay.

  • A constant supply of fresh clean drinking water in a drip feed bottle with metal spout (some rabbits will only drink from a bowl).

  • A clean layer of wood shavings and plenty of hay or straw for bedding.

  • Daily Exercise.

  • A large waterproof home, off the ground, out of direct sunlight and strong winds.

  • Their home to cleaned everyday and bedding changed weekly.

  • A gnawing block to wear down long teeth.

  • To be brushed everyday if they have a long coat.

  • Vaccinations every year to protect them from disease (vaccinations for rabbits can be expensive, make sure you can afford these costs before adopting a rabbit.

  • To be taken to a vet if ill or injured.

  • To be looked after by a competent person when you are on holiday.

If you can offer an adopted rodent the above then please click on the link below and fill in our online form.

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